Remember on the first page I said soon? Well... soon is now.
This domain name is for sale, for $1800...
Until such time as it is sold I will use it to air my opinions.

Here's the main course:
  Opine # 1: Incredibly stupid shit people say
  Opine # 2: The Oceans are rising and I DEMAND TO BE PAID FOR MY LOSS
  Opine # 3: Stop Blaming Your Shit On God
  Opine # 4: Cultural Appropriation Bullshit — from Cheongsam to Dreadlocks
  Opine #5: WTF are you thinking? — This time it's the Glaciers Melting...
  Ah yes, #6: Stupid shit they do in Apocalypse TV shows
  #7: Assholes Who Think They Know Better Than God
and more coming, of course. (you needen't worry.)
And here's the fine print, with some rants from your webmaster.
Notice there are no annoying and irrelevant social connection buttons to:
the top 5 of course:
FaceBook instagram pinterest snapchat twitter
and the rest in the world you might not have heard of:
amen me indexor Pinboard Tuenti
atavi Deviant Art instapaper Plurk Tumblr
baidu digg iOrbix pocket TypePad
balatarin Droplr JumpTags posteezy viber
beat100 EverNote Kaboodle readability virb exchangle Linkedin Reddit  (ok, reddit's not so bad)
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CloudApp imageshack Picasa Taringa yummly
Corkboard picturetown trello ZingMe

That way we're not spying on you. If you WANT to place a link to your FB page learn how to copy a real URL from your address bar, and paste it in — that way THEY'RE not spying on you, either!

Also, there are NO cookies, no rss feeds, no hidden webbugs, webbars, pixelspacers, ads, popups or popunders, redirects, javascript tokens or fish lures, or keyboard monitoring input AJAX crap, like FB and most of those other "social" sites where the initiators didn't (and still don't) know the difference between "friends" and "acquaintences".

So here's more about the AJAX rant above. Let's say you type something into FB and you're pissed off and you type some stuff, then change your mind, and backspace and delete it. Eventually you hit the 'post' button, and then your comment gets 'posted'. Well guess what: you've been lied to yet again. The way AJAX software works is when you type you THINK your letters are going to your screen and THEN you post them. WRONG. Your typed letters are GOING TO THEIR SERVER(s), where every keystroke is captured. THEN the server sends back what you've typed to your screen, essentially in real time (which is why it hiccups sometimes) . Therefore they know (and store) EVERYTHING you've typed, including what you changed your mind about, and backspaced, and deleted. So if you REALLY want to prevent that, (a) don't post incriminating shit from your phone, and (b) use a real computer and type everything into a notepad FIRST, THEN copy and paste it into the FB page. FYI.

This website is not hateful "wordpress" software - it's real and very straightforward HTML.

There's NO corporate crap or spyware. We collect nothing. There are no annoying AF "slideshows" where they make you click and click and click so they can brag/boast to advertisers how many "page hits" they got since they put a separate picture on each "page" and then fill that page up with ads and "external links", and clickbait crap to 'taboola' and 'outbrain'. And if you're stupid enough to click on that shit you probably deserve what happens to you down the road.

Ever notice how you can't use italics in FB? (or BOLD, for that matter). Guess they figure since no one can get even get their, they're, or there correct they wouldn't know when to actually use bold or italics. WTF DO they teach in school these days?

Now if you want to actually comment on something you will have to email me directly, and I will listen. How about that.

These pages are, of course, my opinions. Yours may vary.
Notice the above is NOT a "disclaimer". If you really like disclaimers you should read John Dvorak's page, actually a "terms of use" page, HERE. It's VERY funny. And yes, this too is a rant about those annoying and useless psuedo-legal "disclaimers" you get at the bottom of some emails and on some websites.
Yes, you can email me...
this page was actually last updated November 26, 2018 1:28 PM