Ongoing Opine #1: Incredibly stupid shit people say
posted 4/25/18

1. When a person or persons does something in the present and idiots say "He is rewriting History"

Wrong, asshole! When a person (or persons) does something in the present that may alter or change the path of a group or humanity. It's something that is happening now in the present or will happen in the future. Therefore it's NOT HISTORY. History is a record of events that have happened in the PAST. Unless you can time travel, you can't change what happened in the past. New information can alter how you view the events of the past but can not change the events.

Rewriting historical facts would be say ... today we see Hitler as an ego driven sociopath who ordered the murder millions of people. Now if a space craft landed and they told us that hitler was their puppet that they controlled everything he did THEN we would have to rewrite our historical preception regarding Hitler and add the aliens. But the Holocost and WWII will still have happened.

This rant does not refer to the deliberate distortions that have been written by people to serve their own agendas. When correcting these one is not rewriting history but rather correcting false information that has been written.


2. Insipid Libral Morons who say "the United States stole California from Mexico".

Clearly you all need a fucking history lession. The United States aquired California as the result of winning a WAR with the Mexican government. Surprisingly called... The Mexican-American War — which we won in 1848. The resulting treaty between the U.S. and Mexico "...gave the U.S. undisputed control of Texas, established the U.S.-Mexican border of the Rio Grande, and ceded to the United States the present-day states of California, Nevada, and Utah, most of New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, and parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Wyoming. In return, Mexico received $15 million. ($424 million today) – less than half the amount the U.S. had attempted to offer Mexico for the land before the opening of hostilities, and the U.S. agreed to assume $3.25 million ($92 million today) in debts that the Mexican government owed to U.S. citizens." ( from wikipedia). Therefore, imbeciles, a payoff of over $18 million makes it NOT theft.

The STEALING was done by the Spanish king and queen, who with the blessing and aid of the Catholic church, conducted a genocidal campaign in which they tortured, raped, enslaved and murdered millions of indigenous native peoples for their land, gold and silver. News flash you ignorant assholes... the Spanish language is not indigenous to the original people of either North or South America. The language known as SPANISH IS FROM SPAIN.

So if you liberals really want to right a wrong I suggest you give your home to a Native American. No?? Well then how about a nice big cup of shut the fuck up?

 OK, go ahead, steal it...
3. The mis-pronunciation of the word IMAGINE. Does anyone out there besides John Lennon and myself, know what letter of the alphabet the word IMAGINE begins with? If you said the letter I you are correct! Then can anyone explain to me why so many assholes on TV say "amagine"??? Before they give them a microphone they should have to pass a grammar test. I have been asked all my life "What part of England are you from?" My reply is "New England — Connecticut to be precise; the State where enunciation, articulation and pronunciation are still alive and well."
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