Opine #2: The Oceans Are Rising and I Demand To Be Paid For My Losses
posted 4/26/18

I read an article today in Bloomberg Businessweek, titled 'The Fight Has begun Over Who Owns Land Drowned by Climate Change'. It seems people, whose property is being reclaimed by Mother Nature, want to tie up the courts with pointless cases. Some are even demanding their state restore their property to dry land.

To them I say...

For years you people have enjoyed the beauty of living on the water. As one who has spent at least 20 of my 64 years living on the water, I understand two things... The first is that the beauty and power of the ocean is enchanting. The second is that when you chose to live at the oceans edge you are choosing to playing craps with Mother Nature. As the oceans rise it is clear that Mother has upped the stakes. Smart people will take their loss and move inland. Only the profoundly arrogant and the seriously stupid would believe they could win a tug of war with an ocean. As for your former property and your soon to be property: once the ocean assimilates it, it's no longer yours. It becomes part of a vast and powerful whole that no human can control. I'd like to see anyone take the Atlantic Ocean to court. If it did show up you'd all be dead.

Call it what you will...an act of nature, an act of god or simply a bad choice on your part, the fact is no one owes you anything. Regardless of which of these groups you belong to, the smart who move, the profoundly arrogant or the seriously stupid, you need to understand that the State and Federal governments are not responsible for covering your loss. Who the hell are you that you believe you are entitled to compensation? No one made you live on the ocean. There is no law that required you to build there. You made a choice and now you are reaping the consequences of your actions.

I do not understand this sense of entitlement! If you believe the government should pay you then you must believe they should pay me right? I chose to by this property. Now after eight years I realize every time it rains I lose a few more centimeters of top soil and the boundaries are crumbling away. Thirty grand should be enough for retaining walls and truck loads of top soil. It's the same situation as yours... areas where the soil has eroded now flood and the edges of my property are washing away. Both are an act of nature. Both are caused by water. We both are are in this as the result of the choices we made. Does anyone of you think I have a snowball's chance in hell of getting a check from my state or the Feds? Fuck no! They'd laugh at me the way I'm laughing at you.

The only real difference in our situations is that $30,000.00 would solve my problem. A retaining wall, a few French drains, new top soil and my home would be saved. In your case, through no fault of the state or federal governments OR any of the other people in the country who did not choose to live on the ocean but who's tax monies you want to be paid from, your place can't be saved. You gambled with an OCEAN, and lost. Now you want us to pay your fucking gambling debt?????? NO, NO and NO! I'm not going to pay you for your fucking beach house. Thousands of Americans go to bed hungry every night — some with no roof over their head. Clearly they are more needy.

Our country is in deep shit on so many fronts and you all want to stand there with your hands out and/or tie up the courts with your self-serving entitled bullshit cases. Grow the fuck up. Stop trying to make others pay for your choices. Stop expecting someone else to save your ass from your own actions. The rise of the worlds oceans is a fucking slow moving Natural Disaster, NOT an act of congress. I believe human created pollution is the catalyst that caused this natural disaster and continues to exacerbate the situation. So I guess next you'll want to take the whole human race to court?

Then there are the groups who blame companies for their situation. Stop taking the fossil fuel companies to court. You choose to use their products. Without your insistent and constant consumption they would be out of business. They gave you what you wanted and now you want to make them solely responsible for the damage to the planet. Your greed and laziness drive the fossil fuel machine. You don't think because you don't want to know the answers. You're lazy because it's easy. You want what you want; then you want even more and fuck the consequences to the planet. Now that the consequences of your consumptions are costing you money, you're looking for someone else to foot the bill.

Oh then there's the "let's blame the cattle farmers" crowd. If you ate less beef they would not raise so many cattle. Two words to think about... SUPPLY and DEMAND. Again without your insistent and constant consumption...

Spare me the 'it's not fair' rhetoric. Life is often unfair. If life was fair odds are you would not have had the chance to live on any U.S. coast because the land would still belong to the Native Americans! Talk about unfair!

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