Opine #4: Cultural Appropriation Bullshit — from cheongsam to dreadlocks
posted 4/30/18

Mr. Lam, from your outrage at a young American woman wearing a cheongsam I assume that you only dress in traditional Chinese clothing. If however you wear western style clothing are you not appropriating western culture? Why is it fine for the Chinese to wear three piece suits, tank tops, jeans, ball gowns, high heel pumps or cowboy hats but wrong for this young woman to wear a cheongsam? If this style dress is so sacred why have shops in Hong Kong been selling them to westerns for decades?

From what I have seen the Chinese have appropriated far more from us than we have from them. China has the largest population in the world at 1.379 billion. The U.S. population is 325.7 million. How many of that 1.379 billion are wearing western style clothing? How many Americans are wearing cheongsams? I find it very offensive that you have no issue with the style being spread "all across Asia" but pitch a fit when it spreads to the U.S. Clearly you have issues with people who are white. I do believe they call that being a racist. The Irony of you hiding your racism behind a womens lib dress is not lost on me.

The 1949 Communist Revolution curtailed the popularity of the cheongsam. (Wikipedia page HERE)

The Republic Of China women’s liberation movements brought it back and modified it to the body hugging style. However the history of the gown's style dates many centuries farther back to the Manchu then the dress was not form fitting and worn by both men and women.

As for these rants over white people wearing their hair in dreadlocks.... Fine white people will give up dreads and ALL women of color have to give up ponytails, flips, bobs with bangs, up sweeps and long flowing curls. That means wigs too. And no more dyeing their hair red or blond.

Sounds ridiculous, dosen't it? And clearly racist. Who are you to tell anyone how they can wear their hair? You people are fucking morons.

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