Opine #5: WTF are you thinking? — This time it's the Glaciers Melting...
posted 5/5/18
Today I read in the Atlantic Daily:
"So far, the most promising—and least expensive—forms of reverse-engineering this change have taken a similarly whole-world approach. Researchers speculate that planes could periodically spray a clear gas into the high atmosphere that would prevent some sunlight from reaching Earth’s surface, cooling the globe in turn."

These are the ramblings of morally irresponsible egocentric assholes. They are willing to risk the annihilation of all life on earth with their lab experiment, while they admit they don't know what the ramifications could be. Harvard University should take that 7.5 million and use it to implement solar, hydro and wind power.

Michael Wolovick, from Princeton University, is exploring whether building underwater walls at the mouth of the world’s most unstable glaciers—huge piles of sand and stone, stretching for miles across the seafloor—would change how those glaciers respond to the warming ocean and atmosphere, dramatically slowing or reversing their collapse.

This sounds like a five year old who takes his ice cube out of his juice and puts it on the counter because he doesen't want his ice cube to melt. Who in their right mind believes a pile of dirt and rocks, underwater no less, is going to stop a glacier? And who may I ask is going to pay for this "whole-world approach"????

Have you met the Pacific and Atlantic oceans? I have and I am intelligent enough to comprehend that they are an unstoppable force. There is a very simple rule that has served humans for as long as they have walked the earth... when the tide comes in you move back or you're going to end up in the water.

Every day I read an new series of articles on sea rise and the billions of dollars that will need to be spent to try and hold back the oceans. The simple fact is you can not permanently hold back the ocean. It is a fools errand to try. It is a waste of public funds—funds that should benefit all the people of the United States not just the ones who live on the coasts. It's like watching ten year olds bicker over who has the better plan. Try putting aside who's fault it may or may not be and deal with the fact the the oceans of the world are rising. Building walls and raising roads will not solve the issue of a rising water table under your house. Nor will it solve the issue of underground water supplies going brackish. There is a panic over endangered wetlands. There will be new wetlands just farther inland. Beaches are eroding. There will be new beaches just farther inland. As the mayor of Honolulu, Mayor Kirk Caldwell, stated "we must “learn to live with water” I'm still trying to get over the fact that that statement even had to be made! It's time to acknowledge the unstoppable power of the ocean and get the fuck back.

The oceans rising is an act of nature. Why should our government be responsible to save your ass? Lighting is also an act of nature. If my barn was struck by lightening which then burned with my animals and hay and the fire jumped to the greenhouse and it too burned.... you can be dam sure the government would not pay for my loss. So why should we, who don't live on the ocean, have to pay via government funds, to move your stupid ass off the beach?

There is an island community in LA that is losing it's battle with the waters in the Gulf of Mexico. There is a government plan to move the 80 full time residents at the cost of $48 million dollars. I have lived in 11 states because I could. It has never cost me $600,000 to move... even when I moved from coast to coast. This is madness and it sets a very bad precedent. How long before others who's homes are at risk start looking for their $600,000 from the government? There are farmers in the midwest who have lost their farms to the fluctuations in the weather patterns. Why isn't the government buying them new farm land? Farmers, after all are, the people who grow the food you eat. You do like to eat, don't you?

Oh hell let's be fair lets just give every U.S. citizen $600,000 ! BUT shit we can't because the country is $20 trillion in debt. Is it any wonder why our government is pretending it's not happening? If they acknowledge it is happening, then all you crybabies are going to expect them to save you.

There are articles on the billions of dollars the state and federal governments will have to spend to move the people who live on the coasts. Again... Funds that should benefit all the people of the United States not just the ones who live on the coasts. I have lived almost thirty of my sixty four years on the ocean's edge in CT, MA and FL. I understand its beauty and enchantment, and its power. I don't live on the ocean anymore because I'M NOT STUPID. I didn't wait for the STHTF. I assessed what was happening before my eyes, then moved a hundred and fifty miles inland. The shocker is that the government did not give me $600,000 to do it.

Rather than paying people to move, they should be given interest-free government loans. Move your house if you can or start over. There are thousands of small towns to choose from. Yes, you may have to change the way you make a living but it's better than drowning. I am sure the 17 people who died in the California mud slides wish they had heeded the evacuation order.

Huge chunks of ice from the harbor were floating down streets in Boston this week. How do you see this and not say to yourself, "Guess it's time to move"? If the government would get its head out of the ass of the fossil fuel companies they could invest in solar and wind factories which would create jobs for the people migrating from the coasts.

Years ago I learned something called the Ben Franklin close. When you put solar, hydro and wind power up against fossil fuels it's a no brainer. Fossil fuel is bad. Obtaining it, using it and disposing of its waste is dirty, dangerous and deadly. Anyone who wants to try to prove me wrong is welcome to do so by stepping into a closed room with a running auto or an unvented coal or natural gas burner. We'll come in and collect your dead body after 30 minutes. Again I did not go to collage but I do know the earth's atmospherre is a finite space. The state of our atmosphere is as friend once remarked about my storage space... we have put six pounds of shit in a one pound space.

Glorious, can't live without it WATER. 60% our bodies are WATER. It is now the most precious substance on the planet. Yet, you still want to keep wasting it on oil drilling and fracking. You keep burning coal and turning the toxic ash into sludge. Companies like Duke Energy then poison our ground water and rivers with it. Ya'll might want to look at a little movie from 1995 called Waterworld. It may give you a fresh prespective of the state of our world and how we need to proceed from here.

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